Need help getting your team back on track? Does it seem impossible to make it through a meeting and decide on a key issue without discord and procrastination? I can create an agenda and drive results, while ensuring people feel heard and valued. 

Distinct from mediation, facilitation is a service to help stakeholders navigate through difficult discussions and meetings, or simply to brainstorm a team solution to a problem. Whether a large or small group, corporate, community or family, communications can break down when a situation is sensitive. Bringing experience and training in system design, all of the dynamics unique to the situation are considered. The goal is to help guide the group in a focused and productive conversation, with a unique capability of managing emotionally charged issues from an objective standpoint as a third party neutral. Assistance can also be provided in designing agendas for meetings or conferences or other contexts in effort to facilitate more effective group discussions.

An hourly rate will apply.