Teaching & Training

Various courses and workshops can be designed specifically for your group or organization ranging from 1 hour to 3 days or more, depending on your needs. Learn to understand how humans respond to conflict and discover tools to manage uncomfortable communications with others to increase workplace productivity and personal happiness. Perhaps your business requires managing thorny customer service disputes, or maybe sophisticated negotiations with special attention to ethical issues or important cultural diversity considerations. 

You may simply be tired of office politics in your organization or maybe you are a lawyer dealing with a challenging client or opposing party. You may be a front-line customer service person or staff in a law firm dealing with clients, lawyers and other staff members. Whatever the situation, a workshop can be designed to meet your needs. Offering tailored adult education to your team on relevant communication and conflict resolution tactics can boost productivity and morale.

My objective is to create unique, energetic and engaging workshops, custom-designed to your organization. Here is some of the feedback from registrants:

”Fabulous speaker! Knowledgeable and conversational”

“Excellent instructor/communicator”

“Very informed presenter”

“It was clear you had done your homework (about the organization). This was much appreciated and brought so much more relevant commentary to our session.”

“Very personable instructor; appreciated effort to tailor comments; good interactions among table”

“The approach very realistic and grounded”

“I enjoyed all of it! The theory and examples, interactive discussion and activities”


Sessions will be priced based on number of registrants and hours requested.

A cancellation fee will apply if service is cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled date.